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Programme Funds Management

Sound technical and financial management is central to donor funded programmes. Making recipients of donor funds accountable, with an increased scrutiny for value for money, is more critical now than ever. For many reasons we at GRID are able to work as the pair of safe hands - with partners and clients bringing this science of money management and accounting to bear in a painless and user-friendly way, whilst simultaneously implementing innovative approaches and interventions particularly in areas of:

We have carried out financial Intermediation in several donor funded programmes ensuring that the funds that are transferred to the programme for specific activities are carried out according to specific budget lines and accounting policies stated and agreed with the funding organisations.

We help international development organisations enjoy a seamless system of financial flows in managing and operating its activities in-country. We do this using our sound knowledge of local banking methods as well as our robust mechanism for disbursing and accounting for funds quickly and transparently.

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