Established in 1986, GRID Consulting has worked extensively in the public and private sector both in Nigeria and across sub-Saharan Africa. Over the years, we have established a strong record in the following areas that remain our primary areas of work.

Strategic and Corporate Planning
Corporate Financial Management
Public Financial Management
Development Programme Set Up & Management
Systems Strengthening
Human Resource Management

We have worked in partnership with national governments, international development agencies, private sector and civil society to strengthen policies and structures that directly support the achievement of long term and sustainable economic and human development goals.


We are well known for providing financial management services, systems strengthening services, capacity building and logistical support services, to many international donor funded projects in Nigeria. These projects range from Health to Governance to Institutional Development.


Our extensive work in most Nigerian states has provided us with broad experience and invaluable local knowledge, which we utilise to deliver sustainable solutions and quality work, as well as to provide advice to clients on the most practical and cost-effective approaches.


We take pride in our reputation for consistent, high quality service delivery. We continue to improve old techniques and develop new ones - capturing best practices whilst making sure that wherever we go, we maintain our reputation as a partner who can be trusted to deliver on time and on budget.


We maintain a large in-house database of national consultants who continue to work with us to achieve these successes.



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