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Accounting and Financial Advisory

Leading technical advisors in Accounting and Financial Management

We provide comprehensive accounting and financial management solutions that address the complexities and challenges of financial accounting that many organisations - whether SME or conglomerates - face. We offer a range of solutions for all organisations at every level of business complexity, from basic handwritten records in the smallest units and centres, to simple computerised accounting for SMEs, and on to more substantive computerised accounting solutions for larger enterprises, with significant turnover.

In all we do, we provide robust but simple ways of accounting, disbursing and managing funds in the most transparent way. Our approach is to work from the bottom - up: to get individuals operating better so that their organisations are doing a better job.

Whether implemented directly or through donors, international partners and civil society organisations, we offer customised financial management solutions that enables us identify risks efficiently and effectively and provide complete assurance in Accounting and Financial Management particularly in the following areas

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