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Human Resource Management

Human Resource with the right tools.

There is no gainsaying that governments frequently struggle to recruit and retain qualified staff to work in areas where the human capital is most required. Human Resource (HR) Planning, management and development forms the foundation of any effective Public Service Unit. Providing effective public service is critically dependent on the skills and capacity to deliver the services.

We at GRID emphasize that unless HR is involved at the heart of strategic thinking and policy development to ensure key people management issues are addressed, efficient and effective public service delivery will remain challenged. Whilst ensuring that the right people with the right skills are appointed in the right numbers and positions, we work to ensure that right foundations are set for sustainable solutions that will enhance public service delivery. Also understanding local cultures and attendant fears, helps us navigate the sensitivities around this central issue of right-placement of human resources.

We have worked closely with clients with key stakeholders to actively provide flexible and cutting edge HR solutions in the following areas:

  • » Improving HR policies
  • » Strengthening HR Information Systems
  • » Promoting best retention practice
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