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Our Partners Courses

IMA International Courses

IMA International has over 30 years' experience in capacity development. They have built a reputation as a leading provider of participatory and innovative training for the international development sector. Capacity strengthening is at the core of their mission with Theory of Change informing the participatory approach.

Monitoring & Evaluation for Results

Why Choose this course

Delivered by participatory practitioners with extensive field experience, this is the leading M&E course for development professionals. Those responsible for project or programme-level M&E, benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practice, including results approaches. You learn how to achieve maximum value for your organisation and its stakeholders.

Theory of Change   Contribution Assessment

Why Choose this course

This course gives you the opportunity to better understand how social change happens and your contribution to it. It also provides you with innovative tools to do an impact assessment. The action-learning process you engage in enables you to develop a Theory of Change to support and improve your ability as a development practitioner. You will critically reflect on the latest thinking around Theory of Change and Impact Assessment. Where possible, it is useful to have two people attend from the same organisation.

Public Private Partnerships for Development

Why Choose this course

Public private partnerships are increasingly essential for companies, NGOs, governments as well as development agencies to achieve business and societal goals. This course helps you to overcome the challenges of creating these effective partnerships through addressing the different organizational drivers, values and cultures.

GTC Courses

GTC Training equips individuals, teams and organizations with the skills to achieve their highest aspirations. With their unrivalled experience across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, they design and deliver unique ways to give the right skills to the right people to make anything possible.

Knowledge Management   Organizational Learning

Why Choose this course

This course will help you understand knowledge management and how to map knowledge across organizational boundaries and ultimately development the appropriate knowledge management strategy for you organization.

Improving Governance in the Public Sector

This course will provide participants with the knowledge of the effects of ethics in achieving improved performance and also development leadership and behavioral skills necessary for the public sector.

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