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CHAN (Christian Health Association of Nigeria)
Institutional Strengthening
Duration: 2000-2003

In the period from 2000 to 2003, DFID contracted an international consortium comprising of Options Consultancy Services, Health Partners International and GRID to manage the implementation of an institutional strengthening project with the Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN). The purpose of this project was to improve CHAN's organisational effectiveness, networking capacity and ability to mobilise resources in order to strengthen CHAN's capacity to co-ordinate these activities on behalf of its member institutions.

GRID Consulting took responsibility for planning and implementing all the financial management components of the programme, including:

  • » Initial review of the accounting procedures and controls in operation at CHAN and CHANPharm.
  • » Upgrading and strengthening accounting procedures and controls at CHAN and CHANPharm and preparing accounting manuals
  • » Computerising the accounting process at CHAN and CHANPharm and building appropriate capacity amongst the staff
  • » Developing internal audit manuals
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