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SPARC (State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness & Capability)
Governance - Accountability
Duration: 2009-2015

SPARC is a £65 million six year DFID funded governance programme set up to support the governance reforms already underway in Nigeria. This programme supports efficient and effective use of Nigeria's own resources to achieve the Millennium Development Goals through improvements in government accountability.

SPARC programme focuses on three main areas: Policy, Public Financial Management and Civil Service Reform. It also strengthens Federal Government's support and incentives, for better performance. SPARC is complemented by four other DFID programmes with the general goal of providing support to help Nigeria use its resources more efficiently and effectively.

As the prime Nigerian partner in a management consortium led by HTSPE, GRID maintains the database for all national consultants and contracts them all on behalf of the programme. It also serves as the employer of all national staff engaged by the programme.

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