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Project Office Start Up & Close Out

At GRID, we recognise that start up is one of the most critical phases in any programme. While there is usually the feeling for implementing agencies and programme staff to dive in and get started with the activities of the programme, the need to establish a solid foundation by establishing strategic locations for offices, employing staff, setting up financial systems, HR policies and procurement processes.

GRID has extensive experience and a robust capacity for helping international development programmes get started and operational very quickly. We have both the organisational skills and the financial capacity to provide full range support in terms of resource mobilisation and project implementation in the field. We remain ever sensitive to the need for speed, efficiency and value for money, in project start-up, management and close out.

We adopt a holistic approach to manage all processes to ensure that the numerous functions and activities related to close out, covering every aspect of the programme including finances and accounting, human resources, inventory and property management, program management, record keeping, sub recipient/stakeholders transfers and management and other administrative management issues are properly managed to its conclusion or smooth transition.

Our services in this regard include:

Start Up Services Close Out Services
Communication Plan - Stakeholder Engagement Final Finance and Accounting Reporting
Financial Management Systems Inventory/Property Management
HR Policies End of Programme Dissemination & Evaluation
Procurement Process Record Keeping
Office Establishment & Set Up Transition/Handover management
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