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Public Financial Management

Better use of increased financial resources.

With increased pressure on public sector budgets, and the need to reduce spending and maximise efficiencies and improved outcomes, we recognise that financial transparency and accountability are at the core of any good governance system. This process of strengthening public financial management systems requires getting a good understanding on what currently exists and how it works, and then developing improvements from there, without reinventing the wheel

Our end-to-end approach draws on our technical expertise and consulting know-how to support governmental departments and units through every stage of resource mobilisation, revenue projections and expenditure tracking. We adopt this approach for each situation noting that:

  • » Strengthening PFM Systems requires support across many components
  • » Building transparency and accountability in the system is vital.
  • » Government capacity is often weak and sometimes requires sustain support

With 20 years' accumulated experience in strengthening weak PFM systems, in collaboration with a number of international development partners, we have continued to deliver innovative solutions at state levels.

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