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Recruitment Services

At GRID, we understand that many organisations and companies sometimes prefer to build an internal recruitment department, with their own branding and sourcing specialists. Our flexible recruitment and outsourcing service will complement your own team, and offers specialised recruitment skills that you only occasionally need. We also acknowledge the high volume recruitment needs from easy-to-highly skilled professionals in every organisation and the possible need to fully outsource the recruitment and personnel services or control some elements of the hiring process.

Understanding that the one of the highest value of some organisations is its human capital, we provide flexible recruitment solutions:

At the discretion of the client, we can help you define your sourcing strategy and mix. We will give you practical advice and share our insights based on the sourcing tools that discuss and agree on. This will include reviewing the role and function of the position and the key performance indicators set to be achieved.

Whilst keeping the client fully informed and involved at all stages, we possess the experience and capacity for providing support in managing a range of human resources activities. Given our track record, we have worked with a large number of clients including but not limited to the British Council, IPAS Nairobi Kenya, Save the Children Nigeria, in the recruitment of:

  • »   Senior Management staff (Country Directors, Director of Programmes, Programme Manager, Deputy Programme Manager, Chief of party),
  • »   Mid-level Management (Grant Managers, Finance and Admin Managers, Head Fund raising and Marketing, Economic and Natural Resource Manager) and
  • »   Other Staff (Accountants, Programme Officers, Research officers, drivers) and other positions within various professional disciplines and sectors; virtually in all the states in Nigeria.

Depending on the positions to be filled, we can draw upon this database/talent pool which we maintain for certain positions with hard-to-source skills or in situations where direct sourcing and selection has not been successful.

Through adopting this approach, our clients benefit from working with a dedicated resource to access the broad range of services offered by us. GRID will commence its standard database, network and research to recruit from their resources to fill vacancies and, if appropriate, engage second tier organizations.

At the discretion of our client, a contract arrangement can be agreed for GRID to provide end to end recruitment services on-going basis (including induction) for a specific period of time to become the primary single contact for all recruitment activities. This arrangement helps to remove all recruitment

GRID has had this agreement with several international Programmes and Organisations such as:

  • »   Malaria Consortium - UK
  • »   Girl Hub
  • »   Xx
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