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Supply Chain Management

Supporting systems that deliver medical supplies.

Our technical assistance in supply chain/ logistics management is typically channelled through donor-funded health projects to in-country recipients. We work with governments, donor agencies, NGOs, and private foundations to quantify commodity needs, procure quality-assured health supplies and coordinate local and international resources to build local capacity to manage responsive, efficient, and effective supply chain management systems for drugs and medical supplies. We are renowned for supporting systems that deliver up to the last mile, even in the most challenging and remote environments.

In doing so, we have provided technical assistance to Ministries of Health across many states in Nigeria. Once high quality health products are procured and delivered, GRID provides technical support to institutions all the way down to the grassroots hard to reach health care facilities - strengthening their capacity to manage and account for these drugs.

We take a holistic approach to supply chain system strengthening through working at different levels with supply chain actors. Our approach draws from best practices from the commercial sector to solve challenges in the public health supply chain sector.

While in-country supply chain strengthening efforts varies from state to state, our specific activities include:

  • » comprehensive assessments using a variety of analytical tools (including costing, segmentation analysis, financial management reviews),
  • » participatory design and implementation of in-country supply chains for simplicity and efficiency
  • » development of national and sub-national supply chain strategies and models
  • » capacity building in quantification and for systems strengthening and sustainability of drug management
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