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Supporting Health System and Processes

Providing a range of services to support health system strengthening initiatives

Significant priority has been placed on health systems strengthening (HSS) as the key component in improving health outcomes at grass roots levels. HSS is accomplished through comprehensive changes to the key performance drivers such as policies and regulations, organizational structures, and relationships across the health system to allow more effective use of resources in improving health services. At GRID Consulting we continue to provide specific streams of technical support which is crucial to building stronger and sustainable health systems as well as improved service delivery systems. Our specialist interventions are in the following areas:

  •   We install appropriate and enduring Financial Management Systems at all levels: Financial management is an essential building block for managing any system - both in terms of the generation of regular and accurate accounts, as well as the transparency introduced which supports planning, and sustainability. Our financial management systems support health systems at all levels, and are designed to work within the limits of the capability of the available human resources at any level.
  •   Community Health Systems Strengthening - Primary Healthcare Under one Roof (PHCUOR) - communities sit at the core of health systems strengthening. Community healthcare in Nigeria is fragmented because each local government area manages its own health facilities. Bringing all the health facilities within a State under a single management structure introduces massive efficiencies and economies of scale. Where this is introduced we work to establish stronger governance and public finance management systems that will encourage continued and increasing funding by government.
  •   Drug Supply Chain Management: Effective healthcare arguably starts with the availability of drugs and medical supplies. Our Sustainable Drug Supply System is now widely used across many states in Nigeria and is delivered with our supply chain management capability
  •   Capacity building of available Human Resources: Community members are often the best to consult on the most effective strategies for improving their health systems; that is why we put human resource management at the heart of health systems strengthening. Being indigenous and understanding local thinking and sensitivities, we at GRID have been very well placed to work with our international partners in this most sensitive of sectors.
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